Blossom and Wren owner nominated for award

Zoe Jeffery the founder of Blossom and Wren has been nominated by the Women's Business Club for an award of Business Mum of the Year 2019. The voting is now open via this link . Zoe started Blossom and Wren in 2018 as a social enterprise to empower women and girls to love who they are and to overcome negative body image through design. Blossom and Wren encourage women to embrace their bodies and creatively design clothing through the online customisation app which enables them to create a one off design of their preference.  

Part of Blossom and Wrens work is to research design solutions to barriers to fitness and sport participation for young girls in UK secondary schools using virtual reality and realistic gaming avatars.  This technology can be used to produce better fitted garments and to help girls feel that they can perform physical activity without any uncomfortable and negative emotions. 

"Every woman and young girl has the right to embrace who they are no matter what size they are, what background they are from and what colour skin they have. As women we spend half of our time comparing ourselves to others and feeling awful about who we are because society says we are never quite enough. Well let me tell you something; society is wrong; every woman and every girl is enough; they are creativity they are beauty and they are strength". 

Zoe currently is juggling a full-time job at the University of Bath, Starting a Business and doing a PhD, as well as being a mum to her daughter Eartha.  

Blossom and Wren hold regular design and well-being workshops in the Bristol and Bath area, if you are interested in speaking at an event please get in touch. 



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