Designing for Diversity

The fashion industry has always had bad press when it comes to diversity of models used for campaigns both for magazines and for catwalk.  In the 1990's inappropriate trends such as "Heroin Chic" and "Waif" caused alarming headlines with images depicting underweight models looking malnourished and gaunt. Today celebrity culture and Instagram are calling the shots when it comes to influencing what women wear with quick to copy fashion trends and fast fashion businesses such as Boohoo, Primark and Pretty Little Things capitalising on this certain look. The look is highly sexualised and glamourous with no room for normal and natural. 

It got me thinking about diversity and difference, are we so biased towards perfection that we cannot tolerate anything less. Are we so consumed with copying rather than creating our own style and why are the images that sell fashion so intent on making us feel that we are not perfect as we are. 

Don't get me wrong I love fashion, I love clothing, I love the way it can make you feel and I love making clothes. I studied it as a degree where I learnt how to design from an aesthetic perspective, but not for diversity. My collection was produced for a catwalk size 10 which is tiny.  When you learn to draw for fashion you elongate the arms and legs and nip the waist in. I didn't question this as I thought that is just what fashion was all about and in order to look good in clothes you had to be skinny.  In 2017 I furthered my knowledge of designing from a very different perspective, i studied a Masters in Design and learnt about human centred designing and collaborative design. I re-thought the way I designed and made it more inclusive by involving people in the process.  

We offer a co-design service at Blossom and Wren completely free, you can design your own clothing with help from our designers.  Choose your colour pallet, change the pattern and add personalisation.  

Blossom and Wren is about enjoying, feeling good and being yourself. It is done from an authentic passion for empowering women to not feel bad about themselves and that they are not defined by the way they look, their size or the colour of their hair.  






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