Life but not as we know it!

To all of humanity - It is easy to get swept up in the panic and anxiety that comes with uncertainty, I suffer with anxiety and really feel for all of you who are shaken up by the whole thing. The the thing is we live our lives every day in uncertainty, but we are too busy to realise this, we actually do not really know what will happen from one day to the next as it is out of our hands. We spend much of our time building a career and family hoping for the perfect life that we can display on the outside, but in reality the only perfect life we have is the one we are missing out on each and every day when we get too caught up in the anger and gossip and the stress of life. During these strange times we are being forced to re-think our lives for the better (hopefully). However, what this, like many other major events in our society has highlighted is the grave disparity and the substandard working conditions for some of the poorest in our communities. It is so heartbreaking to see nurses crying, families loosing their jobs and people falling into financial hardship in these circumstances. We do all need to keep our cool and help each other the best we can right now, this isn’t just about ourselves it is about everyone.
I say it is time to stop, take a breath and re-imagine. Change ourselves for the better, be kinder, be more generous, be more loving, forget stresses just say fxxk it! wrap our arms around the world and say sorry for what we have done, and make a big promise that we are all going to make it right for humanity.
Human beings - let’s just be
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