Blossom and wren workshops and community

Blossom and Wren aren't just another fitness brand we design our clothing with groups of women so that they feel empowered and a part of the production process. 

By personalising and being creative women of all sizes can feel that they are buying a brand that is a part of them. 

We run workshops in Bristol and Bath where we get together to discuss size, shape, fit and colour this is then fed into the design process for all of our garments.


We have a facebook page @blossomandwren where we showcase our new designs and you can find out about our events and pop up shops.

We have also started a facebook group for our workshops, request to join on facebook Blossom and Wren women's collective. Here you can learn in our on line modules about the design processes we use at Blossom and Wren and about fit and styling for fitness fashion. We will also be running a forum within this group with fitness and nutrition experts, equality and diversity experts and mental health professionals.  We are more than clothing we are a company for women that cares and strives to help.
Why not have fun and use our design your own service this enables you as a Blossom and Wren customer to personalise your own fitness kit
Or why not upload a photo with our virtual try on available on selected products