Meet our customers

Claire - Glasgow

This amazing lady is Claire who is a yoga student, teacher and a crazy cat lady.

Claire has practiced yoga in various forms since the late 90's and currently practices ashtanga and yin yoga. Claire started yoga as a way to combat exam stress and anxiety. She says "although my practice has ebbed and flowed through the years I've always been drawn back to my mat" . Claire qualified as a yoga teacher in 2016 and has a wonderful passion for yoga leggings. Claire says "It could be possible that I love yoga leggings as much as the practice itself, whilst I don't have the typical "yoga" body as portrayed in mainstream media I believe that if you've got it flaunt. I want to look good and feel good when I practice yoga. A pair of cool yoga leggings can really motivate me to practice". Claire doesn't have a particular favorite pair of leggings although she loves animal print especially leopard print. " I like to pull these on when I am in the mood for a strong, fierce practice - everyone knows to stay out of my way". Claire is wearing Blossom and Wren tropical leaf print leggings. 

Laura - Bath

Laura is a personal trainer and health and wellbeing practitioner based in Bath, UK. Laura runs her own business, Hilton Health and empowers her clients to live and lead healthy lifestyles by making small informed changes to the way they live their lives. Laura asked Blossom and Wren to design a bespoke kit. Laura loved our bloom pattern and wanted the colours to match her Hilton Health brand colours. Laura was very pleased with the kit and is often seen out and about wearing it being an amazing customer influencer.


 Stacey - Bath

Stacey is a project assistant for a local community enterprise called Creativity Works based in Bath.  Stacey is an active member of the This Mum Runs Community on Facebook a forum for mums to share stories of their journeys back to running or other physical activity since motherhood.  Stacey is an inspirational story teller with her posts inspiring many of the members of the group by encouraging them to keep going even when they feel like giving up. Stacey likes the ethos that Blossom and Wren stands for and the diverse marketing campaigns that we employ.  Stacey is wearing the Palm t-shirt by Blossom and Wren. 


Filipa - Frome, Somerset

Filipa is a researcher from Frome in Somerset and is a member of the Wiltshire Wild Swimmers Group. Filipa enjoys the serenity and freedom that wild swimming gives and how it can aid physical and mental wellbeing, she has been wild swimming now for 2 and a half years. Filipa regularly writes for local newspapers, she is active in helping school sports clubs and on occasion reviews swimwear for brands. Our bloom print swimsuit passed the wild swim test we are very happy to report.